Freedom Dinner   5 comments

Trying to figure out what to have for dinner tonight with Red Sox Fan.

“What should we have for dins?”

“I don’t know.”

“We can have anything you want.  There’s lots of time so we could make somehting delicious or we could out somewhere–anywhere at all.  Your pick.”  Minutes pass.

“I don’t know.”

“No limits, Red Sox Fan.  We can have anything you want.  Your choice.”


“Ok, well just let me know…”    Hours have passed and I’m still hungry.

Sometimes, too much freedom is not a good thing.  This is the “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose,” kind of freedom.

Then’s there’s the, “I don’t care if you like it or not.  You will eat your peas/brussel sprouts/broccoli/spinach,” freedom, which is actually no freedom at all and you’ve got a lot to lose–like dessert or your tv time.

But the best kind of freedom is the third kind.  The kind where you actually know what you want and you’re able to have it kind of freedom.

So not the, “I think I want to drink a dozen shots of tequila right now, but will regret it tomorrow” kind of freedom.  You know the kind of freedom  where you think you know what you want, but realize a little while later that was exactly what you didn’t want?  Bceause even if you were free to drink that tequila, dance on that table and go home with that loser, it’s a kind of freedom that turns into a prison cell when you unwrap its package (and no dirty pun intended, well almost not intended).

And not the kind of freedom where you know exactly what you want AND you’re absolutely right.  If you had THAT you would be absolutely and entirely happy.  Like if only I owned a pony/motorcycle/pool table/pool/island, then I’d be good to go.  BUT you’re absolutely incapable of making that happen.  Because while you might be free to dream, what the hell are dreams worth in the cold light of day.

Instead, it’s the kind of freedom where you know what will make you happy AND you get it.  You’re not free from things in this example (like free from Bobby McGee), but instead, you’re free with something.  You get to freely participate in your will.   This is the happy freedom.

So now, if only I could get free with a McNugget or a steak or a even a pot of mashed potatoes …  I may have to impose my will on Red Sox Fan.  Sometimes, when you don’t know what’s best, it’s better to freely go along with those who do.  or at least those who are stronger and older and who have method of payment.

“Shoes on, Red Sox Fan.  We’re going out.”



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5 responses to “Freedom Dinner

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  1. Enjoy. Now about the menu…

  2. I don’t like too much choice. My favorite choice is with two options. You can have steak or you can have chicken. I like that I can choose, but I’m not overwhelmed. Of course,if it was: You can have diamonds or you can have rubies, it might still be overwhelming.

  3. Sorry, but I too am in the “don’t know” boat (although I pronounce it “don’t care”). But this is only because, when given the choice of steak, chicken or fish, my usual (desired) response is “yes”.

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