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Just sitting in the office this morning, sipping a coffee and getting ready to respond to the various emails that came in last night. It’s Vegan Girl. It’s 8:45. School started 15 minutes ago.
“Hey Vegan Girl. What’s up?” I pretended not to know the time, day or nature of the call. That’s how I roll.
“You need to come get me. The bus missed me.” That’s how Vegan Girl rolls.

Although I was amused, Dante would have been rolling over in his grave laughing.  I hope he has a nice big grave.  Did you know that Florence, who exiled him, wanted his body back after he was dead and made it big?  I hope he’s also giving them a big ol’ middle finger in that grave.  (But of course in a charitable, paradiso way, because that’s how he should roll).  But I digress.  Dante of course is the guy who reads Aquinas, imagines on the basis of Aquinas’s Summa what the afterworld looks like in three  parts, inferno, purgatory and paradise, and them, takes every one of Aquinas’s logical syllogisms and turns them into the most beautiful piece of poetry that has ever been written. Dante was quite the guy.

The most interesting point that we learn from Dante is not that things get done to us (like the bus missing us or God rewarding us or God punishing us).  God doesn’t do things to you.  He’s got better things going on up there.  Instead, Dante write and Aquinas agrees, we all get what we want, what we desire.  That’s justice and that’s love.  So if what you want is to eat an entire bucket of chicken yourself, then you must also want the terrible stomach ache and but jiggle that comes with it.  And guess what, you can have that.  Or if what you want is to sleep in and then wash, dry and straighten your hair, then you must also want to miss your bus and get a drive to school.  And guess what?  Vegan Girl got exactly that.    But, if what you want is to love others and to be loved in return.  You might occasionally then get taken advantage of and screwed over, but ultimately (fullness of time kind of deal), all you’ll get is love.  All the people that Dante depicts in the Divine Comedy get exactly the consequences that there actions indicated they wanted.  You love to talk shit?  Then you’re in Inferno, eating shit.  Perfect, yes?

But Vegan Girl’s argument is interesting too.  A world wherein we have no intentions, but instead, things juts happen to us.  For instance,

“Honey, there’s no money in the bank.”
“I know. It said it needed some space and decided to stay at the mall.”

“Oh my god. Are you alright? That pot of boiling water just jumped out of my hands and flew at an amazing speed toward your face.”

Right. Right?  I guess that means there’s, in the very least, a place in purgatory with my name on it.

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  1. Physics, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, expressed in human terms. Well done, in fact it amazes me how you consistently pull this off.

    My youngun did not take the bus, mainly because she could not move fast enough to take the bus. I usually dropped her off at 3 past the hour (nine) and the most memorable of such days had the college station I usually listened to broadcasting ABCs Good Morning America. Befuddled I was until they described a plane striking the World Trade Centre, and then a second. So by being late, young Ms Slowpoke Kels brought the news into her school. In adversity there is opportunity. :-)

  2. Years ago, the little girl next door would miss the bus once in a while. She’d be standing right in her yard daydreaming while it went by.She would never even see it. I liked that about her, So I’d drive her to school on my way to work.

  3. Have you ever read “inferno” by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle? I think you would like it very much indeed.

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