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So here’s the deal.  It was just Christmas, right?  So we had a lot of time off.  And so, I read books.

And Red Sox Fan was home from school for about five weeks.  And the name might be misleading because she doesn’t just  like baseball.  She likes all Boston sports.  And while I like baseball and can carry on elementary level conversation about the other big two (hockey and football), I really have no interest in watching them on television.  So what to do while the Bruins are playing the Razorheads or the Patriots play the Camelhumps?    I read books.

And then there is the seven hour drive to Red Sox Fan’s school and back.  And the fact that G. is a little particular about driving, so he does all of it.  And so that’s a lot of forest to look at or, one could read books.

The short and the long of it is that I’ve read a lot of books in the past few weeks and so this week is going to be a lot of book reviews.  Ok?  Got it?  Good.

First up is an unlikely contender for me. Stephen King’s 11/22/63.  I know.  I haven’t read a Steven King novel since I was in Grade 8. I think it was Christine.  And then, I guess I just grew up?  Didn’t like to make myself afraid/depressed/… when there are enough real life things that are frightening or depressing?  At any rate, I jut stopped.

But this Xmas G. read 11/22/63 and recommended it.  And G. does not recommend things lightly.  So I read it and so should you.

It’s a book that’s kind of about the nature of history, time travel, kind of about the space time continuum, kind of about providence.  It’s also a love story.  A real love story.  And in that it is lovely.

The main character, Jake Epping, gets a chance to travel back in time and stop the assassination of JFK, the idea being that the current world could only be better had that not happened.

I’m not going to wreck it for you.  It’s really good and, like other King novels I remember, the suspense will carry you through.  But I will say this.  Lots of horror novels by King that I read in my youth seemed to hearken back to the good ‘ol days, the 50’s or maybe 60’s when cars came alive and Prom’s meant something.  And Jake Epping gets kind of seduced by the idea of living when soda pop tasted like something.  But this novel is not that.  It’s not a romanticization of the past.  Instead it’s a nod to the present, to the future.  It’s a book about life being good.  Not about life having been good.  And above all its a book about understanding that you’re not in control and lots of times, it turns out better that way.

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  1. Is it scary? That is the thing I cannot handle about King novels?

  2. I can’t do scary either, but I am slightly obsessed with the Kennedy assassination. I was twelve and it shook me hard.

  3. I have it on my e-reader and am going to dive into it this weekend!

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