Coffee in my MacBook: Not a Book Review   8 comments

I have two more books on my list, but instead, I bring you this brief  interlude.  I went into the the office one day last week to write reference letters for students.  I’m super cheerful, haven’t been there in a while and so am greeting colleagues like old friends who have been slogging away in the trenches all year.  My office is lovely with paintings from former students scattered about, two gold-fish tanks and three goldfish and a large stained glass in front of my window that I won at an auction some time back.  As I settled in at my desk and began to empty my empty in-box one of my rather “creative” colleagues snuck up to my door and scared the living bejeezus out of me.  (Great word that bejeezus).  Startled, I swung around, knocking the rather large (venti even) cup of Starbucks non-fat, half-sweet, gingerbread latte, no whipped, (Have you ever tried it this way?  Vegan Girl put me onto it and while she gets her’s with soy, this version is rather delicious.) directly into the keyboard of my MacBook Pro.  That’s right.  Coffee for everyone, half-sweet.I immediately turned the thing up-side down to watch my life-line (the coffee) drip out of my life-line (MacBook).  Creative Colleague was mortified. (He recently asked me out (even though my husband is technically his boss), and when I politely declined, he asked after my mother, as in, would she go out with him.)  I thought he was going to have a stroke so I assured him it was fine and even pretended to type on it.

Said computer is now drip dried.  When you type, it crunches, like a great potato snack, but without the fat.  The “u” no longer works.  Initially, I thought, “Who cares.  How often do I use a ‘u’ anyway?”  It turns out that one uses an “u” all the friggin time.  (In fact in this post so far I have “u”sed 34 “u’s”).  Now, I was still not panicked.  I have had previous creative exchanges with my apple products and normally I go an Apple Store and flirt a little with a genius (should I be ashamed about this? Hell, no) and low and behold, the repair is made in record time for now charge.  For instance, I have twice shattered the glass top on my iphone and poured orange juice into the cracks around the tracking pad on this same MacBook.  Each time, I have had lovely assistants at the Genius Bar.  Perhaps word has gotten out.  Maybe there’s a “Beware of this Woman” sign in the staff room.  Or maybe with the passing of Mr. Jobs, Apple is no longer as friendly a place as it once was.  Death can do that.  At any rate the still rather cute in a nerdy sort of way genius-type asks me what happened, I’m flirty, not in a stupid, wide-eyed kind of way, but rather, with a knowing grin and a wink kind of way.  He didn’t bite.  Instead, my computer would have to be sent away.  The good news?  There was a $750.00 flat fee, no matter what’s wrong with it.  Now, that’s getting close to the cost of a new computer.  And everything about this computer work, excepts for the “u”.  So Im pretty sure it just needs to be cleaned and maybe a new keyboard popped on.  I say this to my genius.  He’s not my genius.  There’s no give there at all.  He’s not even half-sweet.

So now, I’m using another computer, taking a break so to speak.  You see, I got up this morning and took the back off the Coffee Computer, thinking I might try the repair myself.  After all, those geniuses don’t look that smart. It turns out there are a lot of bits and pieces you have to get past before you get to the keyboard.  And then, assuming you get there, you have reassemble all those bits in a way that resembles how you found them, or, at least, this is what I assume.  So I made myself a coffee–skim latte no sweet.  it’s going to be a long day and i’m going to have to toughen up.

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8 responses to “Coffee in my MacBook: Not a Book Review

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  1. I was going to suggest self-repair, you have nothing to lose. Keyboard keys have a spongy under element and now boasts dried whatever, thus the cracking. You will need to fish it all out and wash. If it doesn’t work, you tried. If it does… bragging rights!

  2. One time I was eating peaches for lunch and I spilled some syrup on the keyboard. The M key either wouldn’t work at all or get stuck like this “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” I feel your pain.

  3. I just received a Sky Mall catelog (not sure why), and on the cover is a keyboard with coffee spilled all over it. The product is a detachable keyboard that you can actually put in the dishwasher, use in the tub (again, not sure why), or abuse in any other way you see fit. If I didn’t use a laptop, I’d consider it, because I know a beverage spill will soon be heading my way :)

  4. I have a lowly Netbook (it’s been with me for a few years now). It’s kind of like a disposable computer. You can buy six for the price of one Mac. Spill coffee on it, open your desk drawer and pull out a spare (you still have five left).

    We just bought Vegan Boy one when his Mac died. Replaced the other two college kids’ Macs (milk leaked on my daughter’s while she was walking home) earlier in the year with PCs – and my husband got a new lap top as well. Still have money leftover . . . maybe I’ll get a Mac. :-)

  5. I enjoyed reading. Haha.

    Ants got inside my netbook keyboard and I’ve no idea how they did it, but the space bar and a few other keys won’t work properly. I have to exert extra effort in pressing them. I have to press the space bar twice to make a space.

  6. This really has nothing to do with this post, but seeing as you don’t have a newer entry, I will use this one here to simply state that I’m rather upset that there is not a newer entry.

    I miss your “voice” and I hope all is well with you.

    That being said, I’ll sit back down now and continue to hold my breath like a pouty 3 year old, until such time as you decide to pick back up. Take care!

  7. Hey!

    When are you going to write your next post?

  8. Sorry to hear about your computer, what about an external keyboard?

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